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“Doug Heyes doesn’t just believe in miracles. He experienced first-hand one of those extraordinary events that upset the denier and uplift the believer. His inquiry into his healing, his miracle and himself are an inspiration to all of us as we seek miracles in our own lives.”

~ Marianne Williamson


Doug Heyes, M.A.

Practitioner Author – Speaker – Teacher

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Doug Heyes has an extraordinary story, which received widespread attention following its publication in “Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ A Book of Miracles.” At the peak of his successful career as a Writer-Producer-Creative Executive in the entertainment business, Doug was also working as a Ski Patroller and Outdoor rescuer. One snowy winter’s day in the mountains of Southern California, Doug experienced a paralyzing injury – and a miraculous healing – that changed his life forever. He discovered that the ability to channel healing energy is part of our true nature, and sought to master the art of working with Source Energy for self-healing and healing others, training with a lineage of teachers and masters from a variety of traditions. Doug holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Doug is now in private practice in RAM Healing (Radiance Aesthesia Method), Spiritual Psychology, and Breakthrough Coaching. His book, “THE TOUCH ~ Healing Miracles and Methods,” is reaching readers worldwide, and his on-air talks have touched millions with his message of hope, healing, inspiration, and love.


Healing Arts and Coaching

Doug works 1-on-1 with private clients for Healing and Breakthrough Coaching.

Heal your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Create optimal health, prosperity, and wellbeing.

Bring your greatest vision into reality.


After a lifetime in show business, and 20 years as a mountain rescuer, Doug has some amazing stories to tell, most notably his own “miracle story” of healing, revelation, and personal transformation.

In his inspiring signature talks, Doug shares his own story, illuminates the principles and practices of healing as a road map to our health, happiness, and humanity, then offers an experiential component to give participants a “direct hit” of healing Source Energy.

To contact Doug or to book him for your next event or conference, email info@dougheyeshealing.com or call (858)380-9457

The Touch

By Doug Heyes, M.A.

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Within each of us, there exists a wellspring of radiant healing energy that can be accessed, channeled and used for personal healing and facilitating healing in others. THE TOUCH centers on the practice of RAM Healing (Radiance Aesthesia Method) – a powerful approach to healing, created and developed from a synthesis of interwoven principles and techniques.

RAM Healing is simple, accessible and effective. It can be learned quickly and practiced immediately by anyone, both as a healing modality and as a dynamic pathway to radiant health, authentic empowerment, and Self-awakening.

THE TOUCH is much more than a teaching guide. Its heartbeat comes through in Heyes’ inspiring “tales from the trail,” milestones on his amazing trek down the path of light, stories of remarkable healings – including his own – that changed his life forever. The soul of the book is here, in the real-life demonstrations which illustrate and underscore the practice, connecting us experientially to the Source of these powerful teachings.

Heyes writes with a clear, rhythmic, evocative style that seems to carry the reader along on those same waves of energy he’s writing about. THE TOUCH is a cool, enlivening read with a smart system and a wonderful message: “The power to heal is in all of us. It is a natural birthright of all human beings.”


Doug Heyes Healing presents regular classes, workshops, presentations and healing events.
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