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Client Testimonials

“It is one thing to receive a healing treatment… it is another to experience the true healing power of intention. I am so grateful for the heart-centered healing work that Doug provides. It is truly transformational.” ~ P.D.

“My experiences from two sessions with Doug were of soul-healing nature where I became more comfortable just being in my own body. Very powerful.” ~ M.V.

“As a left-brain attorney, it’s a little challenging for me to accurately describe Doug’s amazing healing work, as it is unlike anything I have ever experienced . But having received the incredible benefit, I feel compelled to try. Doug facilitates a holistic healing and transformation, a release of energy on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. A healing from the inside out. The benefits linger far beyond the session, as the body, mind and heart are shifted to a sweeter and stronger place that they do not soon forget.” ~ M.R.

“Although it seems impossible to put words to what we ‘do’ together, I can say that while we are together and following our sessions, I am more centered and at peace. In his intuitive way, Doug goes to the heart of what needs to be explored, and I can absolutely say I am feeling stronger than when we began, with more energy and ability to engage more fully in life. Oh how I love working with Doug! Oh how my body loves being with Doug!” ~ M.D.

“Doug, you have been instrumental in healing and clearing non-serving energies and replacing them with pure light, peace and love. I experienced enlightenment from  my healing experiences with you, and I am forever grateful for this truly wonderful gift that you willingly share in service to clarity, connection to Spirit and love of Self. Thank you, Doug. You are an angel.       ~ J.W.

“Doug works far deeper than the symptoms, allowing for healing to take place on the cellular level. From there, all things are possible.” ~ L.W.

“Doug Heyes is a man who defies definition in a mere testimonial. His character is too rich, his compassion and understanding limitless, his love intoxicating, and his wisdom and healing power are the stuff of legend. I am graced by Spirit to have him in my life. He inspires me greatly. I trust and honor Doug’s abilities by referring family members as clients, all of whom have experienced profound results from his practice. I too have experienced his healing power, and have no reservations recommending him to anyone who is ready to heal, grow and fill their tank with life-force.” ~ S.H.

“The power of Christ has come through Doug and I can walk again today!” ~ M.B.

“Doug, you have a real gift. I have no doubt you saved my life.” ~ J.C.

“Namaste, Doug. Thank you for one of the most important experiences of my life.” ~ C.J.

“Doug, you are an amazing facilitator of light and love. What a blessing of an experience I had. Thank you so much for your help.” ~ A.H.

“Doug, thank you so much for the session. I had some powerful insights, and felt some things were cleared away that allowed me to see with much clarity. I am so happy you are using your gift!” ~ A.N.

“A wise teacher of mine (you) told me, “There is no time and space,” when discussing remote treatments. I aspire to that! I am energized just thinking about your experience. You are an incredible individual with such a beautiful and huge light! Thank you for sharing yourself with me! ~ M.S.

“You are a beautiful, bright, courageous and loving soul, and I am ever-so-grateful for your love and support.” ~ E.S.

“I see God so clearly and easily in you.” ~ L.W.

“Heartfelt gratitude for your love, support, guidance and care.” ~ L.J.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear bright beacon of light, Doug. Namaste!” ~ K.G.

“Thank you, Doug. You are a blessing and a gift in this lifetime. Light ahead!” ~ J.W.

“Today an angel was born, and is healing everyone around us with his love and wings!” Thank you for showing up at this time. Much love!” ~ K.W.

“Doug is a gifted healer. It only took one session with him to begin experiencing mental and physical healing.” ~ P.A.

“Doug is full of light and warmth and positive spirit. I found my healing session with him deeply relaxing and rewarding.” ~ U.B.

“Doug’s care is the first level of healing that I have felt and found truly comforting.” ~ L.V.

“Doug’s love and connection to Spirit run deep. Each session I have experienced with him has been a profound demonstration of that.  I have experienced movement and shifting in my mind, body, and/or emotions each time I have had the opportunity to work with him. Doug is a beautiful conduit for Spirit’s healing power.” ~ M.S.

“Doug’s mere presence is a healing agent for the soul.” ~ R.D.K.

Endorsements for “The Touch”

“Doug Heyes doesn’t just believe in miracles; he experienced first-hand one of those extraordinary events that both upset the denier and uplift the believer. His inquiry into his healing, his miracle and himself are an inspiration to all of us as we seek miracles in our own lives.”

~ Marianne Williamson
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

Following a near-fatal accident, Doug Heyes became a one-man laboratory through which our innate potential to heal and be healed were revealed. This is an important book. In an age which delights in emphasizing the worst aspects of human nature, Heyes demonstrates the glorious, majestic side of who we are and what we may achieve. ‘THE TOUCH’ is more like a healing than a book. Thanks, Doug, for showing the way.”

~ Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author: “ONE MIND – Why Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness, and Why It Matters”

“A USM graduate, Doug Heyes demonstrates in his miraculous story how we can use everything that happens in life for healing, well-being and Spiritual Growth as we awaken to the truth of who we are – Divine Beings having a human experience. His call to be of service to others underscores the power of Love as a healing force.”

~ Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick & Dr. Mary Hulnick
Co-Directors and Founding Faculty
University of Santa Monica ~ Programs in Spiritual Psychology
Authors: Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart Of Spiritual Psychology

“As more and more of us are led into the service of humanity’s awakening, we’re alarmed by how far we’ve separated from our spiritual Source, and enlivened by how powerfully we’re coming back together. Among leaders in the holistic arts community, some would suggest they are pioneers in a field with few guide books to teach and share the infinite healing power that each and every one of us has inherited as a birthright. In “The Touch,” Doug Heyes bridges the gap with his own amazing story, profound demonstrations from his healing work, and a practical system for self-healing and facilitating healing in others. More than a compelling narrative, “The Touch” provides an easy-to-read, comprehend and apply, step-by-step guide to the inner work it will take to bring ourselves, each other, and this planet to health, resolution and peace.”

~ Michael Brian Baker
The Breath Center

“Some teachers lecture, others tell, but Doug Heyes shares – he shares his life, sincerity, and truth through the gift of storytelling and Love. When there seems to be no hope, Doug exclaims through his words and actions, “Never give up.” He offers simple explanations for complex theories of breathing and meditating that will assist readers in living healthier, more holistic lives. The book, itself, is a healing experience.”

~ Grandmaster Don Baird
2009 Masters Hall Of Fame

“Doug Heyes’ book, The Touch is more than a fascinating read. It is a healing experience. Within our present-day accelerated extreme lifestyles, belief in the miraculous has become an essential ingredient in the recipe of healing self and the planet. The extraordinary stories and practices in these pages will inspire the belief while simultaneously providing tools to heal and transform any obstacle on our shared journey of vital health and evolving consciousness. We have a choice on this sacred journey and The Touch provides essential steps to carry us across the water.”

~ Seymour Koblin, HHP
Founder, International College of Holistic Studies, San Diego



“There is a reason this is the most important time in human history, just as prophesized by Jewish mystics, many Native American tribes, other indigenous shamans, and peoples. Because at the very same time we might very well blow up the entire world with nuclear weapons, destroying everything with a nuclear winter, accidentally or otherwise, or we might annihilate all our ecosystems with human consumerism, we as a species are suffused with an extraordinary depth, range, and diversity of human emotional and psychological healing practices combined with spiritual mastery trainings not even known to past generations (the Course in Miracles, Pathwork, the Gene Keys, among hosts of others). The prophesies are very clear. We are either going to heal ourselves out of self and life-destructive mindsets or we and much of the rest of life are going down. We either evolve or die… and as quickly and soon as many science fiction novels and movies predict.

“Except, as Doug Heyes makes clear in “The Touch,” this ain’t no movie, this tension between mass healing and mass dying. It’s a live show with extraordinary dimensions being transmitted through many lives, Heyes’ included, with many of these dimensions embodied in Heyes’ experiences and brought to life in his book. In fact, the core value of “The Touch” is its readability and accessibility. Without pronouncing it is doing so, it captures the profound meaning and opportunity of this time in a compelling narrative form that everyone should be able to relate to. Why? Because, like Heyes, we all live in the tension between what must die so we don’t all die – meaning the old mindset of humanity – and what must come more alive in all of us. “The Touch’s” compelling tale of one man’s journey through the real world of experience and the realer world of psyche as it matriculates toward a saving grace state of mind is actually the journey the species has begun, for which the evidence abounds, with fingers crossed that it’s not too late. Jewish mysticism doesn’t prophesize the outcome. Prophesy ends in this epoch. It only says the race is on for which mindset will triumph, and the winner will be according to how many of us wake up to the reality that enfolded Heyes.”