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About Conscious Healing

Doug:    “Healing is about more than just fixing physical symptoms or making pain go away.  It is about freedom from suffering, personal awakening, and authentic Self-expression. When we consciously connect and align with our own Source energy, the healing happens as an astonishing natural process, like waking up from a deep sleep, refreshed, renewed, reborn. It shows up at all levels of our being and in all areas of our lives – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, in our relationships and work, in our actions and choices, in how we come forward in the world, in what we create, manifest and contribute, and in what brings meaning and value to our lives.”

Doug’s Conscious Healing & Coaching methods draw from a wide range of techniques and traditions, a number of which are presented in Doug’s book, “THE TOUCH – Healing Miracles and Methods,” in a simple, accessible form known as RAM Healing (*Radiance Aesthesia Method) – a synthesis of interwoven Eastern and Western principles and practices. Doug works with these methods and more in private practice, as well as at events, seminars and retreats. 

Doug:    “Spontaneous healing demonstrations happen all the time, unexpected and unexplained in strict medical terms. People call them ‘miracles,’ and tend to perceive them as extraordinary spiritual events. My own experience includes at least one of those, which has informed and inspired my life and my work ever since. I see them often enough in my practice to want to know why. They happen in real time with real people and involve real change. So-called miracles are not the isolated events we think them to be. They are, as all things in Nature, a product of an arrangement of energy and matter subject to certain conditions. My work is all about the conscious co-creation of the conditions that help make them possible.  

“Profound personal healing is not only possible but a natural birthright. This work is all about clearing whatever’s in our way and getting back down to our basic Source energy – and using it to heal and transform ourselves and our lives, and then others and their lives.”

Early benefits of conscious healing and coaching are often quite dramatic. It’s common for people to feel much better and to experience improvement in a wide range of “conditions” in a remarkably short time. It’s important to remember that symptom relief is only one element of the work. True healing is not a singular event. It is a deep, ongoing personal process which works from the inside out, transforming old obstacles into new opportunities through conscious co-creation of positive change.

Program sessions focus on conscious healing, mind-body clearing and alignment, health, wellness and self-care, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual integration and balance, real-time guidance and coaching for the realization of health goals and the manifestation of positive intention, personal vision and life-purpose.


Doug Heyes, M.A. is a practitioner in Spiritual Psychology and the Healing Arts. He does not offer medical advice, and his methods are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. His services are not intended as a replacement for qualified medical care. Please refer any medical questions and discuss any proposed changes to your medical treatment with your doctor.